The Beauty of Rajasthan Tribal Silver Jewelry

Rajasthan tribal silver is a neverending source of inspiration. With its raw, but delicate beauty, it represents the vibrant traditional wear of the women of Rajasthan and the connection from nowadays to the old traditional India. And of course the incredible crafts of the indian jewellers.

Rajasthan Tribal Silver Amulets

Jewelry in India has always a different meaning, depending of the jewel and the material that is used. Amulets showing gods and goddesses for protection or Taviz (Taweez) amulets that are worn for good luck, peace and health, often passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes they can be opened to put prayers or sacred materials in it. Tied around the neck, it represents the divine power of the wearer.

A taviz worn around the neck for good luck & protection

These old tribal silver rajasthan amulets look absolutely stunning just by themselves, worn with a simple cord around the neck. You can even wear several of them together. If you love to make your own jewelry, like necklaces or bracelets, these cute little amulets are the perfect focal piece of a gemstone necklace, also combined with old silver beads. The possibilites are endless and no matter which amulets and charms you combine with whatever beads, it always turns out awesome, because these old charms just speak for themselves!

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